Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Plautilla & Caracalla c.202-205 AD


Silver Denarius - Ancient Rome, c. 202-205 AD

Plautilla Augusta (wife of Emperor Caracalla)

Obv: Bust of Plautilla with braided hair, rt.

Rev: PROPAGP IMPERI – Plautilla & Caracalla standing, clasping hands

Mint: Rome (struck 202 AD)

S-R7073, 20mm, 3.39gm

Scarce, banished by Caracalla in 205 AD

Publia Fulvia PlautillaFulvia Plautilla or Plautilla (c. 185/around 188/189 – early 212) was the only wife of the Roman emperor Caracalla, who was her paternal second cousin. On January 22, 205, her father Gaius Fulvius Plautianus was executed for treachery and his family properties were confiscated. Plautilla and her daughter were exiled by Caracalla to Sicily and then to Lipari. They were treated very harshly and were eventually strangled on Caracalla's orders after the death of Septimius Severus on February 4, 211.

Coins bearing her image that have survived are mainly from the reign of her father-in-law. They are inscribed Plautilla Augusta or Plautillae Augustae.

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