Ancient Roman Globular Jar - c. 3rd-4th Cent AD


Ancient Roman Globular Jar, circa 3rd - 4th Century AD

A scarce large example of ancient Roman blown glass. This free-blown container is crafted of very light green glass. The shape is quite sophisticated and technically difficult, with a funnel mouth with narrow projecting roll and an ovoid body embellished with three “dots” of dark blue-green glass. The kicked-up base shows a pontil mark. The surface patina exhibits burial incrustation and significant areas of intense blue, red, gold and silver iridescence.

Excellent condition.

Ref: see Roman Byzantine and Early Medieval Glass, Ernesto Wolf Collection, 2001, catalog # 116-122 for Roman Eastern Mediterranean jars with this distinctive rolled rim.

The survival of this fragile glass seems nearly miraculous. The iridescence is due to the glass reacting to the soil - producing incredible shimmering iridescence that has long captivated the imagination of the most ardent collectors and artists.

(115 x 98 mm – 4 9/16 x 3 7/8 inches)

  • Inventory# PA-3557