1475 Koberger Bible Leaf - Elaborate initials


Original incunabula Bible leaf in Latin (Biblia Latina) printed by Anton Koberger in Nuremberg, November 16, 1475

Sheet size: 402 x 270 mm – 15.75 x 10.5 inches – (Text block 10.75 x 7.75 inches)

This scarce very early leaf is from the first Bible printed by the famous German printer, Anton Koberger. This first edition is a fine example of early typography, printed in black ink on exceptional handmade paper with “bunch of grapes” watermark.

48 lines of printed text in two columns embellished with large calligraphic capital letters in red or blue, including a 5-line and a 6-line initial “A” with elaborate penwork in red and green.   

The text is from Tobias 12:14 through Judith 2:11( including the Prologue to Judith): “Et nunc misit…” (And now the Lord hath sent me to heal thee, and to deliver Sara thy son’s wife from the devil.  For I am the Angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord…).

Koberger used the Gutenberg Bible, printed only 20 years earlier, as his exemplar for the text of this work. The folio sheet size is virtually as large as the Gutenberg Bible as well.

Reference:  Hain 3056; Copinger 22; Darlow & Moule # 6081 (note 2)

A very attractive example of early printing - beautifully executed, and in fine condition.

Shipped unmatted

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