c 1825 English Caricature - The Double Dealers


Whimsical and highly detailed etching with original hand-coloring. This satire is titled “THE DOUBLE DEALERS – Two Strings to your Bow or Who’s the Dupe…”. Published in London by S. W. Fores, c. 1825.

British Museum description:  Below the title: A Melo Drame, as latly [sic] performed at the Kings Theatre Westminster with considerable Eclat [i.e. in the King's Bench, Westminster Hall]. The scene is a neat parlour. Maria Foote stands between Col. Berkeley (left) and Hayne (right), who face each other in profile. She touches each on the chin, saying, Alley will you marry me my dear Alley Crokers [cf. BM Satires 12310]. Berkeley, who holds papers inscribed Confidential Letters for Publication—Foot & Waterhouse, answers marry you! Poh Poh. Hayne answers marry you! oh ho! He holds a paper: Proposals to Paton [cf. BM Satires 14872], Bartol[ozzi, see BM Satires 14428] Green Foot &c. They stand before a sofa on which are the hats, gloves, and canes of the two visitors. On the wall a picture hangs above the head of each: (left to right) Berkeley Castle, Plymouth Dock Yard [where Foote had some post] and Burderop Park [Hayne's country place]. At the open door (left) a nurse stoops over a little girl (Berkeley's child) holding her back: Stop my dear, I don't know which of the Papas you'll have yet! On the right is a table with writing materials and a casket of letters. Beside it a bitch stands coyly between two dogs. After the title (adapting the words of Macheath in the Beggar's Opera): How happy could I be with either; Was the other dear Charmer away: But while they both tease together Why sure I'll make both of them Pay.

Image Size: 9 x 13 inches, Paper Size: 10 1/4 x 14 1/2 inches

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