c 1613 "Virginiae Item et Floridae..." - Jodocus Hondius


“VIRGINIAE Item et FLORIDAE...” Amsterdam:  Jodocus Hondius, c. 1613,  Important original engraved map from the Hondius-Mercator " Atlas Sive Cosmographie... ". Verso text French. (Image: 13 3/8 x 19’’ – 340 x 485mm).

(Reference:  Goss #23; PB #151; Cumming #26). Centerfold as issued and bold original hand-coloring.  Even toning throughout.

This very historical and handsome map influenced mapmakers throughout the 17th century. The coast extends from above the Chesapeake Bay south to St Augustine Florida. It is based on 16th century sources such as the 1585 observations of Englishman John White in Virginia with the upper right vignette showing the town of Pomeiock (situated today in Hyde County, North Carolina), and Indians depicted fishing at sea.

The map also reflects the 1564 observations of Frenchman Jacques Le Moyne in Florida with the upper left vignette showing the fortified Huguenot Colony that was located on the shores of St. John’s River, and Florida Chief Saturiba and his Queen shown standing on land (left).

Gold deposits of the Appalachians are shown and “by putting the great lake and the direction of the flow of the river May to the NW of its mouth and changing the accompanying topographical features and settlements, Hondius created geographical misconceptions of the region which lasted for nearly a century and a half” 

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