1493 Nuremberg Chronicle Leaf - Amazonia - Original hand-color


Original leaf from the FIRST EDITION of the Nuremberg Chronicle - a history of the world profusely illustrated with woodcuts by two distinguished artists: Michael Wolgemut (Dürer’s master) and Wilhelm Pleydenwurf.  Printed and published in July 1493 by Anton Koberger.  Folio XIX. (sheet size: 450 x 305mm – 17 ¾  x 12’’)

This leaf, printed in Latin and with original hand-coloring, depicts (verso) the woodcuts of three female Amazon warriors and a View of the Mythical Kingdom of Amazonia.  The text provides a description of “Amazonia , the country that lies partly in Asia and partly in Europe, near Albania, was so called after the Amazons.  These were the wives of the Goths who came out of lower Sircia…).

The Nuremberg Chronicle was one of the most remarkable books of its time, with woodcuts illustrating the Bible, ecclesiastical and other history, topography, maps and views of towns. It is one of the earliest illustrated printings - published less than 50 years after the Gutenberg Bible.

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