c 1863 "...World on the Mercator Projection" Mitchell, jr.


“MAP OF THE WORLD ON THE MERCATOR PROJECTION…” Philadelphia:  S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., c. 1863, from Mitchell’s New General Atlas (copyright dated 1860 in lower margin).  (Image: 14x18’’) Engraved map  in excellent condition with fine original hand-color, center fold as issued.

This map, published during the American Civil War, depicts the world on a Mercator's projection with the American Continent placed in the center. The countries are shown in contrasting colors.  Alaska is still “Russian Territory” (not purchased by the U.S. until 1867). 

Many exploratory routes are shown (Captains Cook, Ross, Clerke, Gore and U.S. Exploring Ex…). 

The Antarctic Continent was still unexplored and only small portions of its coastline are delineated (Captain Cook first crossed the Antarctic Circle in circumnavigation 1772-75).  

Much of the African Continent is also noted as “Unexplored Region”.  Fascinating view of the world as it was known in the 1860’s!

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