View of a MEXICAN AZTEC PALACE, c. 1671 - Montanus


Palace of the Aztec God Viztlipuztli

Viztlipuztli idolum Mexicanorum.” from De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld by Arnoldus Montanus. Amsterdam, 1671. Original copper-plate engraving from “the first encyclopedia of the Americas” (Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p.118). (Image: 11 x 13 ¼’’)

This unusual view depicts the interior of the Aztec palace of Viztlipuztli - an Aztec idol. Viztlipuztli was a “woodden [sic] Image like a Man…upon his Head stood a Plume of feathers…his left [right] Hand held a white Shield, on which stuck five Feathers, and on the top a Laurel Bough; next the Shield lay four Arrows, pretended to be sent from Heaven…behind on his Shoulders appear’s Wings…his feet ended in Claws, hung round about with Precious Jems.  The Curtain behind which this Idol sat, was not drawn open except on Feast-Day” (text).

Views from this important series served as an illustrated compendium of the discoveries, conquests, and settlements in the New World.  Reference: Deák, Picturing America, #50-51.

This item is presented in archival matting (16 x 20").

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