TEXAS c. 1851 - Phelps, Buffalo & Wild Horses - Comanche Indians


“TEXAS”   New York 1851. Published by Phelps, Fanning and Co. Original woodblock map, two parts joined. (Image: 4 ¼ x 8’’)    

This very scarce map was issued in the first edition of “The American Lawyer” by Delos W. Beadle. The book was a guide to the laws and regulations of the various states.

Though published in 1851, the boundaries of Texas are shown as they existed during the Texas Republic and early statehood before the Compromise of 1850, extending along the Rio Grande north of Passo del Norte (El Paso).

The early county divisions of Texas are graphically portrayed. An inset at lower left shows the Northern part of the Panhandle. Commentary includes “Comanche Indians” and “Buffaloes and Wild Horses”.

Presented in an archival 12 x 14'' mat

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