c 1676 World Map - Speed/Thomas Bassett & Richard Chiswell


“A NEW AND ACCVRAT MAP OF THE WORLD” John Speed. London: Thomas Bassett & Richard Chiswell, c. 1676. Though dated 1646 at the bottom, this map was issued in the Miniature Speed Atlas: An Epitome of Mr. John Speed’s Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain.  Original Engraved map. Verso text: English.  Reference:  Shirley # 368. (Paper:  108 x 158mm – 4 ¼ x 6 ¼’’    Image:  85 x 122mm – 3 3/8 x 4 ¾’’) 

A doulbe hemispheric world map, beautifully engraved by Pieter van den Keere. This miniature map depicts the northwest coast of North America with California as a peninsula and a conjectural coastline extending to the Strait of Anian. A Northwest Passage is also feasible on this map.

The large southern land mass of present-day Antarctica is noted as “Unknowne Land” on the eastern hemisphere and as “Magallanica” in the western hemisphere. 

Surrounding each globe is one of the four elements  - each engraved within a ribbon (water, air, fire and earth).  

Excellent condition and a seldom seen map. Speed's Epitome is much rarer than the larger Speed folio atlas and this map is quite scarce on the market. 

Presented in an archival 11 x 14'' mat

  • Inventory# M-14376