c 1848 ''North America'' w/Large Texas - SDUK


''NORTH AMERICA'' London: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, c. 1848.  Engraved map with original outline color. Reference: Wheat #517 – 1846 version.(Image: 15 1/4 x 12 1/8’’) 

This detailed historical map shows North America at a particularly interesting and changing period. The vast territorial claims of the newly admitted State of Texas (statehood 1845) extend north along the Rio Grande to the Arkansas River (an area included within Texas’ boundaries until the Compromise of 1850).

The region west of Texas to the Pacific Ocean (Nueva California) was ceded to the United States by the 1848 Treaty of Hidalgo (following the Mexican War). Topographical features are detailed with major towns, cities, land & water routes identified. Russian America is shown in present-day Alaska.

Nueva Helvetia (California) is identified - a name given by John A. Sutter (in 1841) for a grant of land at the junction of the Sacramento & American rivers - first called Sacramento in the advertisement for the sale of ground-lots in 1848 - following the discovery of gold. 

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