TEXAS c. 1857 - Morse & Gaston


“TEXAS” New York: Charles W. Morse and Samuel N. Gaston, 1857. (Image: 6 ¼ x 5 ¼’’)  Wax-engraved map, with original hand color from The Diamond Atlas.

This map of the new state of Texas (statehood 1845) depicts the state with the counties named and in contrasting colors. Topographical features are shown, and major cities, towns and railroads (existing and proposed) are identified. It is very detailed for its miniature size (100 miles per inch).

The wax-engraving method was developed by Sidney E. Morse (brother of Samuel F. B. Morse - inventor of the telegraph). Wax engraving was “a major technological break-through that greatly influenced American commercial map & atlas production in the U.S.” (Schwartz: Mapping of America, p. 265). This map is an early example of the process.

Shipped in archival 12 x 11'' mat.

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