View of Columbus Departing on 1st Voyage to New World, c. 1594


“Prima Columbi in Indiam nauigatio.  Anno 1492”.  Frankfurt:  Theodore de Bry, c. 1594 from Grands et petits voyages.  Original copper-plate engraving. (Imange and Text: 11 x 8")

This beautifully detailed 16th century engraving depicts Christopher Columbus departing on his first voyage to America.  Although shown in this picture, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain were not present at Columbus’ departure. 

On August 3, 1492 he set sail on his epic voyage from Palos, at Muelva in southern Spain, for an unknown destination in the Indies, via the Canary Islands.  His three heavily laden little ships had already crossed the river bar by sunrise and were on their way to changing the course of history. (Illustrated: Zvi Dor-Ner: Columbus and the Age of Discovery, p. 122).

This item is presented in an archival mat (20 x 16").

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