c 1532 Book of Hours Leaf - Saints Peter & Paul, & Stephen


Original leaf from a printed & beautifully hand-illuminated Book of Hours.  Ruled for twenty-six lines of Latin text, printed in black on animal vellum. (163 x 108mm – 6 3/8 x 4 1/4’’)

Initials illuminated by hand in gold, on grounds of blue and/or red with delicate gold penwork. Elaborate border on each side hand-painted with tempera colors in a floral motif with acanthus leaves on liquid gold ground.  

Two hand-painted miniatures of Saints Peter and Paul, and Saint Stephen.

Printed and hand-painted with rich sumptuous colors in the workshop of Germain Hardouyn - printer and highly skilled illuminator. Paris, c. 1532.

In purpose and format, printed Books of Hours followed the older manuscript examples. The more luxurious were printed on vellum. 

This leaf is from the section of Suffrages - prayers to saints who were considered the protectors, helpers and guardians of medieval people.  

The miniature painting of Saints Peter & Paul as Defenders of the Faith depicts Peter (left) with sword in left hand and Paul (right) with sword in left hand. Text begins: “Deus cuius…” (O God, whose right hand raised up blessed Peter the Apostle when he was walking on the waves, lest he be submerged, and saved his fellow apostle Paul…).

The miniature painting of Saint Stephen (patron saint of deacons) depicts him holding the palm of martyrdom in his left hand. The text begins: “Stephanus…” (Stephen, full of grace and resolution, did great wonders and signs among the people. A just man will sprout forth like a lily. And he will flower forever before the Lord…).

Shipped unmatted

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