View of The Arrest of Christopher Columbus & his Brothers c 1594


“Columbus cum fratre Bartholomaeo captus in Hispaniam mittitun”. Frankfurt:  Theodore de Bry, c. 1594 from Grands et petits voyages. Original copper-plate engraving. (Image and Text: 11 1/2 x 8")

This engraving depicts the arrest of Columbus and his brothers. Bobadilla (sent by Spain, at Columbus’ request, to settle a revolt) reached Santo Domingo August 23, 1500 as the newly appointed ambassador. 

Columbus was in Vaga Real & his brother, Bartholomew, was away in Xaragua. In their absence, Columbus’ youngest brother, Diego, was in command. Bobadilla immediately had him put in leg-irons & when his brothers returned they were taken prisoner without trial. Later they were returned to Spain where Columbus, by refusing to disembark except in chains, put Ferdinand & Isabella to shame. In an attempt to correct this, many subsequent honors were bestowed upon Columbus. (Illustrated: Zvi Dor-Ner, Columbus and the Age of Discovery, p. 248).

This item is presented in an archival mat (20 x 16").

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