c 1590 De Bry: Native Virginians Flame Broiling Fish


“The broiling of their Fish over the Flames” by John White. Original engraving and text on a leaf from from De Bry's Voyages -  Frankfurt:  Theodore De Bry, c. 1590. Translation provided on back of mat. (Image and Text: 9 1/4 x 8 5/8")

This famous view depicts Virginia and North Carolina Indians flame-broiling their fish. The text notes that unlike the Florida Indians, these Indians do not store their food. Instead, they use it all at once & when more is needed they simple “roast it fresh”.

Produced in Germany, c. 1590, by De Bry from a drawing by John White. White’s drawings were the earliest authentic representations of Native American life in North America.  John White was the Governor of Raleigh’s second colony on Roanoke Island 35 years before the Pilgrims landed on the shores of Massachusetts!! 

The images reflect life as White saw it; he sketched the Indians, their customs and habits; and painted the birds and flowers of the country lending the world an eyewitness account of the exciting and unknown NEW WORLD

This item is presented in archival matting (20 x 16"). 425 years old and in excellent condition with tiny wormhole and slight soiling.

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