1483 Koberger Bible Leaf - Slaying Absalom - Original hand-color


Original incunabula Bible leaf in German printed by Anton Koberger of Nuremberg in 1483 – from the scarce deluxe edition with original hand-coloring. (360 x 255 mm – 14 ¼ x 10’’)

The first Bible printed in the city of Nuremberg. Printed the year of Martin Luther’s birth and the considered the best German Bible up until Luther’s. Reference: Hain 3167.

This early leaf consists of text printed in gothic letter in two columns. The hand-colored woodcut engraving (recto) depicts The slaying of Absalom by Joab:  Absalom stands beneath oak trees and under direction of Joab, seen in the forefront in full medieval armor, Absalom is slain by three lances into his heart.  

The text is from II Kings (King James II Samuel) 18: 1- 19:9:  “Darum…” (And David having reviewed his people, appointed over them captains of thousands and of hundreds…And the king commanded Joab, and Abisai, and Ethai, saying: Save me the boy Absalom…And it happened that Absalom met the servants of David, riding on a mule: and as the mule went under a thick and large oak, his head stuck in the oak…So he took three lances in his hand, and thrust them into the heart of Absalom…).    

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory# IM-13022