Silver Tetradrachm - ANTIOCHOS & EAGLE c 138-129 BC


Silver Tetradrachm - Ancient Greece, Seleukid Kingdom - c. 138-129 BC. 

Ruler: Antiochos VII.

Obv: Diademed Bust of Antiochos, right.

Rev: Eagle standing left, with date indicated (=130/129 BC).

Mint: Tyre.

Nice Portrait and Reverse! (27mm, 12.78gm) 

Antiochus spent the final years of his life attempting to reclaim the lost eastern territories, overrun by the Parthians under their ''Great King'', Mithridates I.

Marching east, with what would prove to be the last great Seleucid royal army (including a force of Judean mercenaries under John Hyrcanus), he defeated Mithridates in two battles, killing the aged Parthian king in the last of these. He restored Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Media to the Seleucid empire, before dispersing his army into winter quarters.

  • Inventory# PA-3074