c 1588 Ptolemy World - Munster "Ptolemeisch General Tafel..."


Ptolemeisch General Tafel/die halbe Kugel der Welt begreiffende Claudius Ptolemy - Sebastian Petri. Basle: Sebastian Münster, c. 1588. Woodcut engraving on hand-made paper. (Shirley #162). (Paper: 342 x 422mm – 13 3.8 x 16 5/8‘‘   Image: 310 x 383mm - 12 ¼ x 14 ¼’’) 

This early woodcut map, with twelve named wind-gods blowing from the clouds surrounding the map, depicts much of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is based on Ptolemy’s Geographia, & drawn on his homeotheric projection (which entailed the representation of both latitude & longitude as curved lines). “For some thirteen hundred years man’s geographic heritage was carried in the writings of Claudius Ptolemy. His calculations in the second century A.D...formed the basis from which the art & science of cartography were to develop”.  (Nebenzahl; The Compass, #9).

Münster was an eminent Renaissance scholar & mapmaker. “The names of three cartographers dominate the 16th century:  Mercator, Ortelius and Münster, and of these three Münster probably had the widest influence in spreading geographical knowledge throughout Europe…” (Antique Maps, Moreland & Bannister, p. 78).

Handsome large 16th century Ptolemaic map in exceptionally nice condition - sharp image, wide margins, very clean.

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