c 1598 Map of the Americas - Ortelius/Rosaccio


“AMERICA” . Abraham Ortelius7.  Venice: G. Rosaccio, 1598.  Original copper-plate engraving. Reference:  Burden # 86, State 2. (Paper:  240 x 350mm – 9 ½ x 13 7/8’’    Image: 190 x 250mm – 7 51/4 x 10’’) 

Very nice example of the scarce second edition of Giovanni's Botero's map of the Western Hemisphere, which appeared in the 1598 edition of Giralamo Ruscelli's  Geographiae. Ruscelli first published a similar map in 1561.  In 1574 a new plate was used which lasted until the final edition of 1598.  This final edition is much scarcer than the earlier.

The map follows the work of Giovanni Lorenzo d'Anania, who published a very similar map in Venice in 1582 (Burden 54). The map is derived from Ortelius' map of America and retains many of the characteristics, most notably the bulge on the West Coast of South America. The treatment of the unknown Southern continent is noteworthy for its attachment to Nova Guinea and narrow passage, pre-dating Le Maire's voyage.

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