c 1872 Map of the United States - Mitchell


“MAP OF THE UNITED STATES, AND TERRITORIES. TOGETHER WITH CANADA &c.”  Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, dated 1872 in the lower margin and published in the 1872 edition of Mitchell's New General Atlas. Engraved map with original hand coloring. Centerfold strengthened.(Image: 13 ½ x 21 ¼’’) 

This handsome historical and very informative map depicts the United States as it existed for a brief period in the early 1870’s. The Territories of Washington (admitted 1889), Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (admitted 1890), Utah (admitted 1896), Colorado (admitted 1876), Arizona, New Mexico (admitted 1912) and Indian Territory (admitted as Oklahoma 1907) are shown in their final configuration. The Territory of Dacotah would be split and admitted as North and South Dakota in 1889.

The Wagon Road, Santa Fe Route, Emigrants Road, Mail Route and Rail Routes are shown across the country. Railroads (existing & proposed) are noted, and Indian tribes are located.

Shipped unmatted

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