c 1720-30 "L'Amerique Septentrionale" - Coven & Mortier


“L’ AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALE…” Guillaume De l’Isle. Amsterdam: Covens & Mortier, c. 1720-30. Beautifully engraved map with original hand-coloring. A scarce map:  Reinforced several places on back where the original green color has oxidized and eaten through or weakened the paper. Soft extraneous vertical fold adjacent to the original centerfold. (Image: 17 ¾ x 23’’) 

The region of Nouveau Mexique contains “Apaches peuples vagabons”, and the R. de S. Francisco flowing easterly from a point north of Taos - with Quivira to the north.  (QUIVIRA was described to Coronado as “rich in gold with lordly rulers”.  It continued to appear on maps throughout the 18th century - spawning the imagination of the map-reader and explorer).

The Missouri River is located - shown as Pekitanoni R. (as called by the French for years). 

California is shown connected to the continent, but the area north of Cape Mendocino remains unknown. 

Routes of the Pacific explorers are shown, and colonies of the various European powers are indicated.  “It was for doing this and contracting the western borders of the British colonies that De l’Isle’s maps became politically controversial” (Nebenzahl, The Compass #6-37).

Shipped unmatted


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