c 1535 Ptolemaic World Map - Pub by Fries - Servetus Edition


[Europe, Asia & Africa] Claudius Ptolemy/Martin Waldseemüller.  Lyons: Laurent Fries, 1535. Original woodcut engraving. (Shirley: #47, plate 46). From the first Servetus edition. (Image: 12 ¼ x 18’’)

This map is a reduced version of Waldseemüller’s Ptolemaic map of 1513 - redrawn by Laurent Fries (physician, astrologer and geographer) with the title omitted. The map is typically Ptolemaic, with Scotland oriented west to east, and southern Africa and the Far East omitted. Fries added a northern coastline for Scandinavia extending outside the border. The map is framed within an elaborate, decorative border depicting the wind-heads with their appropriate Latin names.

Known as the first Servetus edition, this Lyons edition was so named due to the fate of its editor. Michael Servetus (c. 1511-1553) was a Spanish physician and theologian. His unorthodox teachings led to his condemnation as a heretic by both Protestants and Roman Catholics. Calvin in Geneva burned him at the stake in 1553.

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