c 1718 "Mappe-Monde..." - De Fer - California as an Island


“MAPPE-MONDE, ou CARTE GENERALE DE LA TERRE.."  Paris: Nicholas de Fer, c. 1718.  Beautifully engraved map with original hand-coloring - map surrounds later color. Two sheet map - joined as issued. Engraved by Van Loon.  Reference: Shirley #600. (Image:  17 1/4 x 27 5/8'')

This very attractive world map is a reduction of De Fer's 4-sheet wall map of the world, first issued in 1695. 

California is depicted as an island (Following Henry Briggs map of North America, published in England, California appeared as an island. It became an accepted geographical misconception continuing well into the 18th century.  After Father Consag sailed completely around the Gulf of California in 1746, Ferdinand VII followed with a royal decree stating: “California is not an island”).

Australia is only partially delineated and still attached to New Guinea.  New Zealand is also only partially delineated.

Surrounding the map are vignettes showing thunder, lightening, tempests and tides, and volcanoes.  Along the top are a Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. 

This beautiful map is typical of those published by De Fer who gained a reputation for producing beautifully engraved maps with considerable decoration.

Shiipped unmatted

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