c 1745 North America - Seale - California as an Island


“A MAP OF NORTH AMERICA With the European Settlements & whatever else is remarkable in ye WEST INDIES…” London:  R.W. Seale, c. 1745 issued in Tindal’s Continuation of Rapin’s History of England.  Reference:  Tooley # 97, McLaughlin # 227, Wheat # 124. (Paper: 405 x 492mm – 16 x 14 ¾’’ – Image: 376 x 468mm – 19 3/8 x 18 3/8’’). Folds as issued, verso blank.

All of North America is covered, from Atlantic to Pacific, and from Baffin Bay to the Spanish Main, including Cental America and the West Indies.This uncommon map is one of the last maps to show California as an island. The island is depicted with a mountainous chain down the center with two named mountains and six towns located. The map offers much geopraphic interest - in addition to California, it includes the apocryphal geography of the Baron Lahontan. The mapping of the Mississippi and its tributaries is extremely detailed with numerous settlements located. The source of the Mississippi is shown as a series of lakes in the yet unexplored American northwest.

Great Teguaio (Teguayo) appears the west of Santa Fe. Teguayo was a mythical Kingdom of Gold thought to exist in the unexplored American west. The name Teguayo first appears in the Benevides Memorial, where it is described as a kingdom of great wealth to rival Quivara, another mythical kingdom which appeared on maps throughout the 18th century.

In the Atlantic, the Homeward bound course of the [Spanish] Armada is shown, along with the inbound “Course of the Galeons from Old Spain” below the title cartouche. The prevailing currents are also shown, along with a note in the Gulf of Mexico tracking the Course of the Flota to avoid the Trade Winds, showing the route taken by the Spanish Galleons from Mexico to Havana and through the Bahama Straits.

Exceptionally nice example of a historic and detailed map !

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