c 1240-55 Bible Leaf - Miniature of Moses - Leviticus


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript pocket Bible.  Latin gothic minuscule script, hand-written in brown ink, on animal vellum. (153 x 108mm – 6 x 4’’) 

One illuminated chapter number with intricate red and blue penwork extending along the margin. 50 lines of text in double columns (11 lines per inch!). 

One multi-line historiated initial “L” containing an intricate miniature painting of Moses Numbering the Children of Israel. 

Related to the Dominican Painter & Associates workshop (reference Branner).

Produced in France (Paris) circa 1240-55. 

The text concludes Leviticus 27: 19-34: “Quod si volverit…” (And if he that had vowed, will redeem his field, he shall add the fifth part of the money of the estimation, and shall possess it…). The historiated initial opens the Book of Numbers 1:1 – 2:17: “Locotusque…” (And the Lord spoke to Moses in the desert of Sinai in the tabernacle of the covenant, the first day of the second month, the second year of their going out of Egypt saying:  Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel by their families, and houses, and the names of every one, as many as are of the male sex, From twenty years old and upwards, of all the men of Israel fit for war, and you shall number them by their troops, thou and Aaron… ). 

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat 

  • Inventory# IM-12137