Silver Double-Denarius - Philip I, Augustus c 244-249 AD


Silver Double-Denarius - Ancient Rome, c. 244-249 AD.

Philip I - Augustus.

Obv: Radiate bust of Emperor, right.

Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Winged Victory standing left with wreath and scepter.

21mm, 4.27gm 

In 243, during Gordian III's campaign against Shapur I of Persia, the Praetorian prefect Timesitheus died under unclear circumstances. At the suggestion of his brother Priscus, Philip became the new Praetorian prefect, with the intention that the two brothers would control the young Emperor and rule the Roman world as unofficial regents.

Following a military defeat, Gordian III died in 244 under circumstances that are still debated. While some claim that Philip conspired in his murder, other accounts (including one coming from the Persian point of view) state that Gordian died in battle. Whatever the case, Philip assumed the purple following Gordian's death.

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