Illuminated Arabic Leaf - c. 1831


Attractive leaf from an Arabic manuscript dated 1247 AH (c. 1831 AD) that contained Sufic writings - including extracts from the Koran, the 99 names of Allah, and various Prayers and Religious Instruction. The leaves are written and illuminated by hand on fine polished paper on both sides of each page.  

This leaf measures 170 x 140 mm and has Arabic calligraphy in a very fine and bold nashki script. The text is vocalized and is contained within gold borders. The verses are marked by gold disks (“bezants”).

For Islam, calligraphy is the queen of the arts. Everything is subservient to the Word. The best artists became adept not in reproducing, say, the human form or landscape, but rather in illuminating God’s Word” (Smithsonian Book of Books, p.52).

Shipped in archival 14x11'' mat.

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