c 1850 "United States" - Tallis - Texas with Republic Boundaries


“UNITED STATES.”  J. Rapkin. London, Edinburgh & Dublin:  J.&F. Tallis, c.1850, from Tallis' "The Illustrated Atlas".  Beautifully engraved map with original outline color and detailed vignettes. (Image: 9 ½ x 12 ¾’’). Nice condition with centerfold as issued, and minor staining in upper and lower border.

This very historical & decorative map was published just five years after Texas was admitted to the United States (statehood 1845). It is far scarcer than the later issue and depicts Texas with its vast Republic boundaries extending along the Rio Grande northward to the Arkansas River - boundaries they would lose with the passage of the 1850 Compromise (reflected on the later versions).

The vignettes depict Native American Indians on a Buffalo hunt, and “Penn's Treaty with the Indians”.  Also shown are “The Capitol, Washington”, “Washington’s Monument” and portraits of Washington and Franklin. A fascinating view of the United States in the midst of development and change.

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