c 1247 Bible Leaf with miniature of St Paul


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript folio Bible with illuminations from the Johannes Grusch Workshop. Formerly owned by the Royal Abbey of St. Genevieve in Paris.

Latin gothic script, hand-written in brown ink, on animal vellum. Rubricated chapter numbers, initials and marginalia in red and blue. 49 lines of text in double columns. (290 x 193 mm - 11.6 x 7.7").

France: Paris, c. 1247.

One six-line illuminated initial – in blue with white tracery and an interior painting in colors of red, orange, blue, gray and gold, depicting a seated St. Paul resting his hand on a sword. The initial sits on a pink ground with white tracery and extends over half the length of the center margin in blue, gold, orange, pink and white.

One six-line initial illuminated initial in pink with white tracery and an elaborate internal design in pink, blue, orange gold and white tracery; setting on a square ground of blue and burnished gold with white tracery. Two two-line illuminated initials alternating in red with blue pen-work, & blue with red pen-work, extending into the margin.

The large size of the page is unusual in 13th century Bible production!

This leaf contains text from Romans 16:3 – I Corinthians 3:2: ''adiutores meos in Christo Iesu…'' (My helpers in Christ Jesus…I would have you to be wise in good, and simple in evil. And the God of peace crush Satan under your feet speedily. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you...).

The historiated ''P'' opens the Book of I Corinthians ''Paulus vocatus…'' (Paul, called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God…).

Condition note: The  light area and line outward to the margin above the initial is from photo flash. It does not appear on the leaf. See the detail view .

Shipped in an archival 16x12'' mat.

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