Ancient Greek Krater for Mixing Wine, circa 350 BC


A red figure painted column krater used for mixing wine and water. It depicts a youthful satyr, seated on a rock outcropping, with flowering plants at the base of the rocks. He wears a wreath on his head, tied in the back and holds a handled pail or situla in his left hand and a wreath or tambourine in his right hand.

Stylized columns surround the figure, wave pattern below. Wide upper register containing a leafy vine and round stylized floral elements, on both the front and back. Lady of Fashion on the reverse, wearing a pearl necklace. Wave pattern around the rim, stylized palmettes at the top of the columns. Areas of scattered mineral deposits.

A scarce type, intact and in excellent condition without repairs or over-painting! Magna Graecia (Apulia) Height: 14 5/8 inches Width: 11 7/8 inches 

Apulia, circa mid 4th century BC

Provenance: ex Harvey Sarner collection, acquired in 1982 from Royal Athena Gallery, London. Sarner (1934-2007), Palm Springs, CA was a doctor, lawyer and philanthropist, and author of Rescue in Albania.

  • Inventory# PA-2789