c 1740 Bowen Chart of the Western or Atlantic Ocean


A New Map or Chart of the WESTERN or ATLANTIC OCEAN...”  Emanuel Bowen. London: Gentleman’s Magazine, June, 1740. Original engraved map with folds as issued. (Paper size:  14 ¼ x 12 3/8’’ – Image size: 13 ¾ x 11 ¾’’)

Condition note: Several folds and tears have been strengthened on the back.Tear rejoined along the Tropic of Cancer on the left approximately 4 ¼’’ into map, closed tears in margin.

This map of the Atlantic Ocean is centered on the Azores and includes part of Labrador, Newfoundland and Eastern Caribbean eastward to the British Isles, Western France, all of Spain and western Africa.  Trans-Atlantic trade routes, including the galleon route from Cartagena and Havana, and the route from England to the West Indies are shown.

The inset at the top depicts British Admirals Robert Blank and Edward Vernon – both victorious in naval battles with the Spanish during the War of Jenkin’s Ear (1739-48).

Reference: Jolly: American Maps in British Periodicals, GENT-14. 

Emanuel Bowen (1694 - 8 May 1767) was a Welsh map engraver, who achieved the unique distinction of becoming Royal Mapmaker to both King George II of England and Louis XV of France. Bowen was highly regarded by his contemporaries for producing some of the largest, most detailed and most accurate maps of his era.

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