Roman Silver Double Denarius, Otacilia Severa (Wife of Philip I)


Silver Double Denarius - Ancient Rome, c. 244-249 AD.

Ruler: Otacilia Severa (wife of Philip I)

Obv: Diademed & draped bust of Otacilia, right - crescent behind shoulders

Rev: CONCORDIA AVGG - Concordia seated left with double cornucopia

Mint: Rome

Sear-R9148 - 23mm, 4.29gm

Marcia Otacilia Severa or Otacilia Severa was the Empress of Rome and wife of Emperor Marcus Julius Philippus or Philip the Arab, who reigned over the Roman Empire from 244 to 249. She was a member of the ancient gens Otacilia, of consular and senatorial rank.

Severa and Philip are generally considered as the first Christian imperial couple, because during their reign the persecutions of Christians had ceased and the couple had become tolerant towards Christianism. It was through her intervention, for instance, that Bishop and Saint Babylas of Antioch was saved from persecution.

In August 249, Philip died in battle in Verona and Decius became the new emperor. Severa was in Rome that time and when the news of her husband’s death arrived, their son was murdered by the Praetorian Guard still in her arms. Severa survived her husband and son and lived later in obscurity.

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