c 1640 Title Page: "LE THEATRE DV MONDE" - J and C Blaeu


''LE THEATRE DV MONDE …'' Amsterdam: J.  & C. Blaeu, c. 1640. Beautiful copperplate  engraving with old hand-coloring. (Image: 12 3/4 x 7 3/4’’)

This decorative title page has the title surrounded at the top by two maidens displaying coats of arms, and the allegorical figure of Mars with his ferocious hounds. To the left stands a nun, and to the right a chevalier in full dress armor.

''An integral part of map collecting is the study of frontispieces and title pages of atlases.  They are usually very elaborate affairs, engraved by the finest craftsmen available, not only announcing the title of the volume, but enticing the viewer to look further into the pages...'' (R. B. Williams; Investing in Maps; p.147-9).  ''It is important that what was once the first and most important display leaf in a valuable work should be treasured…'' (Rodney W. Shirley, The Map Collector, #46 p. 17).

Shiipped unmatted


  • Inventory# M-6403