Pontifical leaf - service for the coronation of a King - c 1503


Original printed leaf from a Renaissance Pontifical. 39 lines, double columns, in Latin in red and black ink. From Pontificale Secundum Ritus Sacrosancte Romanae Ecclesie.  Superb condition. (345 x 240mm – 13 3/4 x 9 5/8'')

Four exceptional (each 2 ¼ x 3 ¼ ’’) woodcut illustrations with old color.  

Verso: The music is on a four line red stave  with notation in black.

This leaf is from the Service for the Coronation of a King.

Printed in Venice, c. 1503 by the press of Luc Antonio Giunta. The Giuntas are considered among the world’s great early printers.

The red illuminated ''A'' begins part of Psalm 44 (King James 45) 4:  ''Accingere...'' (Fasten your sword to your thigh, O most powerful one).

Pontificals are among the rarest of liturgical service books. They contain the order of service for those sacraments administered exclusively by popes or bishops. Among these sacraments are the dedication of churches and altars, the ordination of clergy, confirmation, blessing of abbots & abbesses and of holy oil, and the consecration of liturgical equipment.

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