''...Territory of Alaska...'' c 1867 - Colton


''COLTON’S MAP OF THE TERRITORY OF ALASKA (RUSSIAN AMERICA) Ceded by Russia to the United States…''  New York:  G. W. & C. B. Colton, c. 1867.  Engraved map with original hand-coloring..(Image: 16 x 25 1/2’’) 

This important map is one of the earliest to depict the newly acquired Alaskan Territory – published the year of purchase from Russia (1867). The area was ceded by Russia to the U.S. for $7,200,000 by treaty of 1867, negotiated by Secretary of State Seward (hence the early nickname of Alaska, ''Seward’s Folly''). Because of its recent acquisition, many of the names still appear in Russian.

Topographical features are shown and major towns, cities and islands are identified. Isothermal lines are shown providing the average annual, summer and winter temperatures. 

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