Large Bronze Coin - Ancient Ptolemaic Egypt - Zeus Ammon & Eagle


Bronze Coin - AE Drachm, Ancient Ptolemaic Egypt, Minted c. 246-243 BC.

Ruler: Ptolemy III Euergates (246-222 BC)

Obv: Zeus Ammon head, right

Rev: Eagle standing left, on thunderbolt, w/ cornucopia

Sear-G7814, Ex CNG. 42mm, 68.39gm

Ptolemy III Euergetes was responsible for the first known example of a series of decrees published as bilingual inscriptions on massive stone blocks in three writing systems. His stone stela is the Canopus Stone of 238 BC. Other well-known examples are the Memphis Stele (Memphis Stone), bearing the Decree of Memphis, about 218 BC, passed by his son, Ptolemy IV, as well as the famous Rosetta Stone erected by Ptolemy Epiphanes, his grandson, in 196 BC.

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