c 1628 ''BOLONIA ET GUINES…'' Mercator-Jansson


''BOLONIA ET GUINES… '' Gerard Mercator. Amsterdam: Jan Jansson c.1628. Engraved map with later hand-coloring from the Minor-Mercator Atlas. Verso text: Latin. Maps from this atlas engraved by Abraham Goos & Pieter van den Keere “two of the most accomplished engravers of the day” (P. Burden, #221). (Image: 5 3/4 x 7’’) 

This attractive and detailed ''pocket-size map'' depicts Boulogne & Guines in the northwestern region of France. Boulogne was taken by Henry VIII in 1544 – sold back to France in 1550; Guines was held by the English 1352-1558. Topographical features are shown and most cities, towns, forests, waterways and islands are identified.

Van den Keere (1571-1646) fled with his sister from religious persecution to London in 1584 where he learned the art of engraving. His sister married Jodocus Hondius & through Hondius he refined his skills as an engraver and cartographer. A. Goos (fl. 1614-43) was a highly skilled engraver ''who prepared plates for many maps published in well-known atlases of his time…'' (Moreland & Bannister, Antique Maps, p. 114). He was also related to the Hondius family. 

Presented in an archival 12x14'' mat

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