c 1550 Torah Fragment - Narrative of 10 Commandments


Manuscript Torah Scroll fragment of six panels in black ink on beautiful red deer parchment. (530 x 750 mm- 20 ¾ x 29 ½ ”) 

Fifty-one lines per column, written in a clear and precise Hebraic script. Egypt, c. mid 1500’s.

The text of this fragment includes Exodus (Shemot) 17:1-23:17, which is the narrative of the Ten Commandments spoken at Mount Sinai.

The scroll was written on the hair side (Gvil) of specially prepared  deerskin in a process that darkens to a deep reddish color over the centuries. The very soft parchment remains supple and legible despite centuries of use in the Synagogue.  The deep red color and script are indicative of Hebraic scrolls originating in Egypt.

Antique Torah scrolls from Egypt are rare and highly prized – the most notable group of them was discovered in the Genizah of the Ben Ezra Synagogue and date as early as the 12th century.

Shipped unmatted

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