Ancient Greek Silver Drachm - Nymph Larissa & Horse Grazing


Silver Drachm - Ancient Greece, Larissa (Thessaly) - c. 350-325 BC.

Obv: Head of the Nymph Larissa, 3/4 facing

Rev: Horse grazing, right, preparing to roll

Beautiful, Very Fine, Toned. (Sear-G2120) 19mm, 5.81gm

In Greek mythology, Larissa was a local nymph from Thessaly. She was described by Pausanias as a daughter of Pelasgus. However, Hellanicus states that the sons of Poseidon and Larissa were Achaios, Phthios, and Pelasgus. Strabo calls her a daughter of Piasus, a Pelasgian prince.


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