c 1725 "Totius Americae..." Homann


“TOTIUS AMERICAE SEPTENTRIONALIS ET MERIDIONALIS...”  Nuremberg: Johann Baptist Homann, c. 1725.  Engraved map with original hand-coloring. (Image: 19 ¼ x 22 ¼’’). Centerfold as issued. Short centerfold split at upper border and small replacement of margin in lower left corner (not into map). 

This beautifully detailed and highly decorative map depicts the Americas as they were believed to exist in the early 18th century. Although California is shown in a peninsular formation, this map retains the older northwest coast concepts that existed before the California island theory raised doubts about the region to the north (note the westward extension of the northern coast).

The upper cartouche details the history of the discovery of America with both visual and written references to the missionary activity.  The title cartouche shows native Indians, indigenous flora, fauna and wildlife, and Europeans.  In the background is a prosperous looking town complete with windmills.

The key at the bottom supposedly identifies the various religions found in the New World by color. 

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