c 1863 "Map of the Austrian Empire, Italian States..." Mitchell


 “MAP OF THE AUSTRIAN EMPIRE, ITALIAN STATES. TURKEY IN EUROPE, AND GREECE.” Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., c. 1863 from the New General Atlas (dated 1860 in the lower margin but published in the 1863 Atlas). Engraved map with original hand-coloring.(Image: 10 1/2 x 13 1/4'' ’’)

This historical map depicts the vast Austrian Empire with its provinces named and in contrasting colors. The Austrian Empire’s holdings included Hungary, Bohemia, and Transylvania (Romania).  

The map also includes the Italian States and Turkey's holdings in Europe and Greece. Topographical features are shown with cities, towns, mountain ranges, and waterways identified. Railroads and other major land routes are also shown.

The inset, lower left, depicts the “MALTESE ISLANDS”

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