c 1778 Gregorian Chant - Elaborate initial with deer - Italy


Original leaf from an 18th century Gregorian chant on fine hand made paper. Latin text with black square-note music on a red four-line stave. (480 x 330mm - 19 x 13’’) 

An unusual production – entirely done by hand, not in a printing press. The staves are hand ruled and penciled guidelines can still be seen on the text block. Lettering and designs are a combination of meticulously cut stenciled elements and freehand. 

From an Antiphonal produced at a religious commune in Olbia, Italy, c. 1778 (dated and signed elsewhere in the manuscript by the scribe “J. Coudounel”).

One large illuminated initial (3 1/2’’ square) in red surrounded by three brown deer, flower blossoms and black stars within a red floral border; one large illuminated initial  (3 1/4'' square) in red surrounded by stars and flower blossoms on a gold ground within a red and black floral border with two prancing deer beneath.

This leaf continues the Common of a Confessor. The elaborate illuminated "J" begins the complete hymn:   "Jesu Redemptor...'' (Redeemer, Jesus, of us all, The crown of those who to you call, With kindness hear us as we pray And humbly ask your aid today. This meek confessor of your name Has now attained a glorious fame; His yearly feast, in solemn state, Your faithful people celebrate.  All earthly joys did he disdain As weak and passing, brief and vain; And therefore with angelic bands In endless joy he ever stands.  Grant, then, that we, most gracious God, May follow in the staps he trod; And may his prayer your servants win Release from every stain of sin.  To you, O Christ, the most kind King, May praise and thanks and glory ring; With Father and the Spirit be All glory yours eternally).  

The illuminated ''E'' begins part of Matthew 25:21:  ''Euge...'' (Well done, good and faithful servant...).

Shipped unmatted



  • Inventory# IM-11187