c 1450-75 Book of Hours Leaf - Psalms - Beautiful Borders


Original leaf from a medieval illuminated manuscript Book of Hours. 15 lines of red ruled text written in Latin on animal vellum in brown ink. (184 x 125mm – 7 ¼ x 4 7/8’’) 

Extensively embellished with One two-line illuminated initial, eight one-line illuminated initials and seven line extender in burnished gold on red and blue ground with delicate white penwork. The panel borders contain a highly decorative floral design with flowers, berries, and acanthus leaves in blue, red, green, pink, and burnished gold.         

France (Anjou), Use of Angers, c. 1450-75.

This leaf contains text from two of the Seven Penitential Psalms.

The one-line illuminated “V” begins Psalm 31 (King James 32): 6-11: “Verumtamen…” (And yet in a floor of many waters, they shall not come nigh unto him. Thou art my refuge from the trouble which hath encompassed me: my joy, deliver me from them that surround me. I will give thee understanding, and I will instruct thee in the way, in which thou shalt go: I will fix my eyes upon thee. Do not become like the horse and the mule, who have no understanding. Wit bit and bridle bind fast their jaws, who come not near unto thee. Many are the scourges of the sinner, but mercy shall encompass him that hopeth in the Lord. Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye just, and glory, all ye right of heart).

The two-line illuminated “D” begins Psalm 37 (KJ 38) 1-3: “Domine…” (Rebuke me not, O Lord in thy indignation; nor chastise me in thy wrath…).

Angers was the cradle of the Plantagenet dynasty and one of the intellectual centers of Europe during the reign of Rene of Anjou, (1434-80). When this leaf was scribed the two branches of the Plantagenet dynasty, House of Lancaster & House of York, were engaged in the War of the Roses.

A Handsome leaf in excellent condition with significant content.

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat

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