"Florida" Florida Territory c 1838 - Bradford rare 1st edition


“FLORIDA.” Thomas Gamaliel Bradford. Boston: Weeks, Jordan and Co., c. 1838. Rare first edition – rare first issue – with outline color.  (Image: 14 1/8 X 12 ¾ ’’) 

Very fine & beautifully engraved map with original outline color.  Engraved by G. W. Boynton (owner of an engraving company in Boston 1830’s - 40’s).  From An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical and Historical of the United States and Adjacent Countries by T.  G.  Bradford.

This map depicts the Florida Territory with counties named and in contrasting outline color.  Topographical features are shown, and major cities, towns, waterways and islands are identified. 

Numerous land grants are also located such as Arrendondo's and Miranda's.

Published during the Second Seminole War. Seminoles, already noted for their fighting abilities, won the respect of U.S. soldiers for their bravery, fortitude, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances during the Second Seminole War (1835–42). This war, the most significant of the three conflicts between Indian people and U.S. troops in Florida, began over the question of whether Seminoles should be moved westward across the Mississippi River into what is now Oklahoma.

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