“Colton’s PATAGONIA…SOUTH ORKNEY…FALKLAND ISLANDS…SOUTH GEORGIA ISLAND.” New York: J. H.Colton & Co., from Colton's Atlas of the World c. 1855 (dated).  Lithographed map with original hand-coloring.(Image: 12 ¾ x 15 ½’’)

This map depicts the South America region of Patagonia and the islands of South Orkney, South Georgia and Falkland Islands. Topographical features are shown, and major towns, cities, deserts, mountains and volcanoes (many with elevation shown), mountain passes, land routes, and water routes are identified. Native Indian Tribes are located throughout. A very informative view of the region as it was known in the 1850’s.

The name Patagonia is derived from Patagones, as 16th-century Spanish explorers called the Tehuelche Indians. According to one account, Ferdinand Magellan, coined that name because the appearance of the Tehuelche reminded him of Patagon - a Creature in the 16th-century Spanish romance Amadís of Gaul.

Excellent condition and color.

Shipped unmatted

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