Bodmer "Dacota Woman & Assiniboin Girl" 1845


“DACOTA WOMAN AND ASSINIBOIN GIRL” by Karl Bodmer. Published for Graham’s Magazine, Philadelphia, c. 1845. Engraving with later hand-coloring. (Paper Size:  10 x 6” – Image Size:  7 x 5’’) 

“The magnitude of Bodmer’s contribution to scholarship is underscored by the fact that this one artist made the work of three great explorers, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Prince Maximilian, come alive for succeeding generations of Americans.” (William H. Goetzman: Romantic Horizon in History and Ethnology, p. 36).

Bodmer’s large folio was very expensive and limited to just a few hundred sets.  There was considerable interest in first-hand reports and artwork depicting Native Americans, and American landscape and wildlife.  Bodmer’s images were re-engraved in this small format on high-quality paper and inserted in Graham’s Magazine as a way to reach a much larger audience.

This portrayal of Dacota Woman and Assiniboin girl is unusual since Bodmer did not paint many portraits of Indian women.

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat

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