c 1230-40 Bible Leaf - The Last Supper - Passion of Christ


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript Bible with illuminations from the Leber Group. (146x104mm - 5 3/4 x 4 1/8'')  Produced in Paris France, c. A.D. 1230-40.  

Latin gothic minuscule script, hand-written in brown ink, on animal vellum. Rubricated chapter numbers, initials and marginalia in red and blue. 48 lines of text in double columns (13 lines per inch!). One multi-lined illuminated Lombard Style initial with elegant marginalia in red & blue                                         

The back (verso) contains a scribal omission added in the lower right  marginthe omission is surrounded by a red box indicating that the “transcription had been systematically checked for accuracy” (De Hamel, Scribes and Illuminators, p. 43).

This leaf contain important and well known content including the Last Supper and the Passion of Christ from Mark 14:22 - 15:21: “Et manducantibus…” (And whilst they were eating, Jesus took bread; & blessing, broke and gave to them, and said:   Take ye.  This is my body.  And having taken the chalice, giving thanks, he gave it to them. And they all drank of it.  And he said to them:  This is my blood of the new testament, which shall be shed for many...before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice...The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak...And they clothe him with purple, and platting a crown of thorns, they put it upon him.  And they began to salute him:  Hail, king of the Jews...).

The book from which this leaf came was a very high-quality production, scribed in the Leber Workshop in Paris. The calligraphy is excellent, & vellum is of the finest style, extremely thin & very white. Other leaves from this same book were exhibited in the Jeanne Blackburn Collection at the Cleveland Art Museum pl. 5 & 6; also ref Branner 1977,61, 208-9; figs. 12, 105-10.

A very attractive leaf from a well regarded workshop. Important content and excellent condition.

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat

  • Inventory# IM-11120