Book of Hours Leaf c 1490-1510 - Unusual Borders - Rouen


Original leaf from a manuscript Book of Hours. 25 lines of text, ruled in red, written in Latin in angular gothic book-hand script on animal vellum. (160 x 115mm – 6 ¼ x 4 ½’’) 

Two  two-line illuminated initials in blue and white with floral infill, on a gold ground; seventeen illuminated one-line initials and ten illuminated line-extenders in gold on a red or blue ground.  Unusual vibrant and elaborate panel borders in colorful floral and gemstone motif on a gold ground – panel verso shows unclothed boy holding a swaddled infant!

France: Rouen (Use of Rouen)  c. 1490-1510.

Style and execution of the miniature paintings in the parent manuscript are closely related to the Master of the Geneva Latini (see Walter 224 & 233 for examples).                                                                              

The one-line illuminated “S” begins Psalm 62 (King James 63) 7-12: “Si memor…” (If I have remembered thee upon my bed, I will meditate on thee in the morning: because thou hast been my helper…).

The two-line illuminated “D” begins Psalm 66 (KJ 67) complete: “Deus…” (May God have mercy on us, & bless us: may he cause the light of his countenance to shine upon us, & may he have mercy on us. That we may know thy way upon earth: thy salvation in all nations. Let people confess to thee, O God: let all people give praise to thee.  Let the nations be glad & rejoice: for thou judgest the people with justice, & directest the nations upon the earth…).

The two-line illuminated “B” begins The Canticle of Three Children – Daniel 3: 57-68: “Benedicite…” (All ye works of the Lord, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all forever. O ye angels of the Lord, bless the Lord, O ye heavens, bless the Lord. O all ye waters that are above the heavens, bless the Lord…). 

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat

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