"Map of the Southern States of America" c 1795 - Russell


MAP of the SOUTHERN STATES of AMERICA, comprehending MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, KENTUCKY, TERRITORY STH of the OHIO, NORTH CAROLINA, TENNESSEE GOVERNMT, SOUTH CAROLINA, & GEORGIA.” J. Russell. London: H. D. Symonds & J. Ridgway, 1795, An American Atlas. (Phillips #1363). Engraved map with original folds and later outline color.  Horizontal centerfold rejoined and archivally strengthened. (Image: 14 ¼ x 19 ¾’’) 

This extremely detailed map depicts the United States from the Chesapeake Bay south to the St. Johns River, and west from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & the new state of Kentucky (1792) are shown with statehood borders.

Georgia is shown extending to the Mississippi River & sharing land with the Choctaw and Creek - immediately prior to the 1798 creation of Mississippi Territory.

The short-lived reservation set aside for the Catawba is shown on the border between North and South Carolina, Tennessee, which was created out of land ceded by North Carolina, is noted as Tennessee Government (statehood 1796 - just a year after this map).

Allotments inland in the Western Territory are marked “Army Lands”, “Ohio Company”, “Donation Lands from the Commonwealth of Virginia”,Illinois Company”, “Wabash Company” and “Jersey  Company”. These companies were comprised of men from Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia and London who held claims.

A section of northwestern Virginia is named Indiana.  The Iroquois Confederacy originally granted this region to a Philadelphia trading company in 1768. In 1776 it was sold to the Indiana Land Co., but also claimed by Virginia as part of her original charter. The battle between the private land company and Virginia resulted in the 11th Amendment to the Constitution. 

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